Fortnite – How to get and gift free skin ?

I would like to explain the gift function of  FORTNITE.
We have compiled information on how to use the gift function and points to note when using gifts, so if you don’t know how to use it, please take a look!

What are Fortnite Gifts

Gifting in Fortnite is a gift function that allows you to easily gift items to your friends.Fortnite – How to get and gift free skin ? fortnite gift

I want to gift items that my friends will love! In that case, let’s take advantage of this gift function.

Also, let’s use the gift function as a return gift.

Features of the gift function

Purchase from item shop

Purchase items from the Item Shop to give gifts to your friends.

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From the item shop that changes daily, use the gift function to gift items to your friends.

In addition, you can change the color of the gift box that wraps the item, and you can also send messages to your friends.

You can also gift a battle passFortnite – How to get and gift free skin ? first free fortnite christmas skin is now available image source rundown youtube 2374177

You can also gift the battle pass to your friends using the gift function.

Notes on the gift function

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If you want to give a gift to a friend, be sure to check with your friend to make sure they are set up to receive gifts before sending the gift.

Also, you can check the gift function from “Settings” -> “Account and Privacy”. Make sure you have “Allow Gift Acceptance” turned on.

Gifts are non-refundable

You can return items (skins) purchased in the normal item shop for yourself up to 3 times.

However, please be aware that once you gift an item to a friend, it cannot be returned.

Other notes
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Also, the number of gifts that can be given in a day is limited to 3 times in 24 hours. and you must have been

Unfortunately, you can’t send gifts if you’ve just become friends.

And make sure you have two-factor authentication set up.

Please note that you cannot use the gift function if two-factor authentication is not set.

How to use the gift function

Check out the item shop!

Check out the Item Shop for gift giving.

Then, if there is an item you want to give as a gift , select “Buy as a gift” after confirming the item.

Then select a recipient.

Arrange a gift

When sending a gift to a friend, you can change the color of the gift box and add a message.

Don’t just send gifts, send happy messages to make your friends happy!

Send a gift to your friends who usually play Fortnite with a heartfelt message.

There are 4 colors of gift boxes: purple, red, yellow, and blue.

If you know your friend’s favorite color, you can match the gift box to that color and send it along with the gift.

when you receive a gift

Already acquiredAlso, if you gift an item, your friend may own the same item.

A screen will pop up to let you know. In that case, the item cannot be gifted, so gift another item.

open the gift box

After receiving your gift, open Fortnite and open your gift box to see what your gift is.

There may be a message written on it, so don’t miss it.

And don’t forget to thank the recipient!

From the battle pass screenFortnite – How to get and gift free skin ? 62ba446f9915fa304a9750dc StSlcKjVzXTt2p9g9rIB6cZxybkiswxy1H00PjQBUlxQZcYEVSWCYzZ3fzPv4Isz0b2pxUmWYsctj8XhRE4MbwLIpNPlwwLqWBKBakZ bvzAobmDuITdr0eyQAbjvpZu1I826Gojud1fSDpZbQ

Items in the Item Shop aren’t the only things you can gift.

The popular Battle Pass in Fortnite can also be gifted to friends.

After selecting the Gift Battle Pass ( $ 7.10 ) on the left side of the screen , you can select the recipient, arrange the gift box, and give it to your friend as in the item shop.

Also, please note that Battle Pass gifts cannot be purchased from V-Bucks.

As shown in the image, you will purchase a battle pass gift after selecting a payment method.

Summary : Give gifts to your friends and make them happy!

Fortnite’s gifting feature makes it easy to gift items from the Item Shop or the Battle Pass to your friends.Why don’t you give your friend an item as a gift to express your gratitude?

Don’t forget to use the gift function when you receive a gift from a friend!

We also hope that V-Bucks will be available as a payment method for gifting Battle Passes in the future!

Stay tuned with for more updates!

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