Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023?

Hundreds of latest phones are releasing everyday. It has become difficult to choose the right one among so many. But, one type of phone that people are willing to try are the Flip Phones. There was a time when flip phones were popular for various reasons. Unfortunately, they are not so much in demand like before. But, again, the tech manufacturers have thought to bring back the era with some modifications and improving the durability, affordability and simplicity of the flip phones in 2022. We have jotted down a few of them that are available in the market today. So, read the article till the end to make the right choice.

7 Best Flip Phones 2023

1. Prepaid My Flip 2 4G

The Prepaid My Flip 2 4G is considered as one of the top and most modern flip phones that you can buy these days. The display is 2.8 inches long and has a quadcore processor. You can see the calls and messages on the outer display itself. Moving onto its camera quality, Prepaid My Flip 2 4G comes with 2 MP camera, that captures videos in HD mode. Although the mobile has 4G LITE, sending videos to others is possible at a reasonable speed in 2G and 3G networks. If you purchase it from Amazon, you can read the reviews and find out that its easy to handle, has good audio quality, wide selection of apps and also includes Google Maps.  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? 71jVURe1XgL

2. GO Flip V

It is one of the recently launched flip phones. The phone features 2mp camera to capture videos at 720p HD. Besides this, it has a storage of 8GB, enough for most users. Furthermore, you get an extra storage option- Micro SD card slot for storing extra pictures, music or videos. It is in demand because of is Wifi-hotspot connectivity option, as it runs on 4G speed. But, one drawback of this phone is that you cannot use it with another provider.  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? goflip v gallery1

3. Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

This phone is quite unique due to its availability for purchase. Apart from this, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a compete water proof phone, unlike the other flip phones. It is because of its highly durable glass that got used to made the display. The phone has Qualcomm processor, making it compatible with numerous apps. Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a complete package of everything that a user might expect from such phones. It is available in colors such as Phantom Black, Lavender, Gray, White, Pink, Green and Cream.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G -  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? samsung galaxy z flip 3 5g 12 1628688253095

4. Dura XE LTE Flip

Dura XE LTE Flip Phone is best for the ones who are looking for the most rugged flip models. It has RAM 8GB and provides a great user experience. The front facing dual speakers are best known for their loud sound. You also get talk time of 9hours and extra storage for saving as much pictures you want.  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? s l500

5. GO Flip 3

Some people have misconceptions regarding the flip phones. They find these phones dumb. That’s why you must look at GO Flip 3 and it’s amazing features to change your mindset. GO Flip 3 is a modern flip phone that provides Google Maps, You Tube as well as Google Search. You can also use your voice to open the apps and send texts. The 2MP camera, 4GB storage and fast chargeable battery is enough to make it an outstanding flip phone. Like other flip phones, it too comes with a micro SD card for extra storage purpose.

go flip 3 -  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? goflip v gallery1

6. XP 3 Flip Phone

XP 3 Flip Phone is also a rugged option in Flip phone market. It is tough as well as convenient. You get a 2 year warranty period on this phone with LTE speeds. Other features include the 8GB storage, 100 dB loud and clear speakers and memory card slot for more storage of music, videos and photos.  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? sonim XP3plus Black frontimage

7. Cymbal Z-320 Flip Phone

Cymbal Z-320 comes with a compact design, pocket friendly and ZTE sports supporter. It falls in the category of the flip phones that runs on 4G LTE network. The display is 3 inches long, a perfect screen for reading. Furthermore, it has 2MP camera and internal storage of 650 MB. No need to worry about the space because you get an extra micro SD card slot. Looking at its connectivity, Cymbal Z-320 allows Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio support and attending calls via wireless headphones.  Best 7 Flip Phones- Which Phone To Buy in 2023? image 1

So, these were the top 7 Flip phones that you can buy and enjoy its features which seems to be less but ends up being more.

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