Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution

Who doesn’t remember the war in Mass Effect 3 with the Reapers? Well, it already created a hype among the players, this becoming a major issue. Mass Effect 3 main quest has its focus on the planet and the players that live, where the incident took place. And, this is the time when you can see the different parts of the war. In Mass Effect 3, the Benning Evidence involves an Ambassador who is searching for his son and the mystery behind it. You will find this quest an emotional one and somewhere challenging to complete. That’s why, we have come up with this guide to help you out survive the quest.

To solve the Benning Evidence Mystery, you need to pay close attention to the evidence you gather. One of the items you’ll come across is a Cerberus encryption key that has been modified to include a message. The message reads “To be reborn in the sea, our brothers and sisters must first cast themselves into the chasm.”

Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution  Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution Mass effect 3 legendary edition
Mass Effect 3 is the third and final game in the original Mass Effect trilogy developed by BioWare.

This message is actually a clue to the password for the encrypted files. The message refers to a religious ritual performed by the Yahg, an alien race that has been mentioned throughout the Mass Effect series. To access the encrypted files, you need to enter the password “sea of souls” in the decryption interface.

How will you unlock the mission?

First and the foremost things is the mission’s availability. It is only avaliable after the Priority: Palaven. You will find Ambassador Osoba on the Citadel. You have speak with him regarding the mission. After your exit from the elevator present on the Embassies’ floor, you need to turn to your left where the Ambassador will be present handaling a phone call. Go to him and have a conversation regarding his son and his failure in returning from Benning. However, the others in the squad are back but are not informing anything about the Ambassador’s son.
The other members are seen in Purgatory, drinking water. But, you won’t be able to talk to them or even locating them will not help yu to complete the mission successfully. So, it depends on your skills that how you find the evidence and proceed further in the game.

Finding the Benning Evidence in Mass Effect 3

The whole case seem visible during the N7- Cerberus abductions quest. Ambassador’s son’s mystery gets explained when Traynor comes up after you complete Attican Traverse or Tuchnka. On completion of either of the two, you start to get some clues. The mission deals with the objective of helping the civilians of the area, the same place where the evidence is located. So, it becomes your duty to rush to the place and remove the Cerberus troops. Next comes the dog tags, located between the buildings numbered as 22 and 27. These dog tags belong to Ambassador Osoba’s lost son. Collect the tags and save it as evidence. You can also buy the dog tags in case you you miss the opportunity to pick them up in the mission.
Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution  Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution Mass Effect 3 Benning Evidence Mystery Solution
Mass Effect 3: Benning Evidence Mystery Solution

Go back to Ambassador Osoba

After you collect the evidence, you can return to Osoba. At the end, Shepard informs Ambassador that his son lost his life saving his squad. Later on Osoba realizes that the squad members are feeling guilty about his son’s sacrifice, that’s why they are not answering any of his questions. But, the Ambassador feels proud of his son’s sacrifice and thanks you for solving the mystery and making his life peaceful.
And, that’s how the mission comes to an end.



The Benning Evidence Mystery is just one of many side missions in Mass Effect 3, but it stands out for its intriguing storyline and challenging puzzle. By paying close attention to the evidence and solving the puzzle, players can uncover a shocking revelation about the true nature of Cerberus and their attempts to control the Reapers. The mystery and its solution add an extra layer of depth to the already-rich Mass Effect universe, making it a must-play for fans of the series.

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