Tales of Androgyny: How to Cheat and Win Guide

Tales of Androgyny, a lewd game, is based on characters having androgynous features. Some of the characters are females, some are males and the rest look similar to slime. You have to become a feminine guy to play this game. A girly look and character, doing lewd stuffs with other guys, girls, monsters and again slimes, is the game all about. You can call Tales of Androgyny a RPG full of suspicious elements, be its storyline, graphics, characters or gameplay. It is overall a custom build lewd game. This article consists information about Tales of Androgyny cheats, that can make your gameplay easier.

How to cheat in Tales of Androgyny?

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The first question is for all the readers- What do you think, is cheating possible in such a suspicious and uncertain game? Well, let me inform you that, no such cheats are available for this game, rather, there are save files that you need to edit in order to cheat. So, your only job is to find the save files and learn how to edit them.

Where can you get the Save files?

First, go to the game’s folder and open it. After that move to the “toa data” folder and you will find the save files there. Select the files you want to edit. However, there are plenty of files there, so make sure to to choose the save file that you need for the current game style. If it’s you first game, the file gets saved just once. Thus, the name of the save file will be “save0.json”.

Guide to edit the Save Files

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The most important thing to keep in mind is to close the Tales of Androgyny before starting to edit the files. Here is a precise information regarding the file editing.

-Go to the save file and right click on it.

-Open with any text editor, specifically with Notepad.

-Select the line you want to edit. Use Control+B or F for doing so.

-Finally, edit the value, the file will get edited.

Once you are done with the final step,you can open Tales of Androgyny and checkout the changes.

Final Words

Even though you don’t any cheats, you can play the game wisely using the above mentioned method. You can change any value of your character such as the strength, agility, magic, willpower, perception, endurance and charisma. If we talk about the 4th tab, there also you can make changes in the values like status, dilation, fullness, wetness, tightness and capacity. So, try this out as soon as possible and leave your feedback.

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