Easy Ways To Catch a Shiny Charmander Without Community Days

Do Shiny Pokemons in Pokemon Go annoy you? Is it difficult for you to catch the Shiny charmander? If yes, then this article is definitely for you. Well, Shiny Charmander are not something special or too different from other Pokemons. Moreover, they don’t even have any specific move. But, they are fun to play with and can get caught like any Gen 1 starters. They can get evolved into cool, black Shiny Charizard. This article deals with the ways you can get Shiny Charmander. Let’s begin without wasting time.

The Shiny Charmander

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Shiny Charmander is a part of Pokemon Go, that joined the game in 2020. It was launched on a Community day. There are standard Charmander in Pokemon Go, but the shiny ones are different from them. The Shiny Charmander have more yellowish skin and after getting transformed to Charizard, they turn black. It confuses the players, giving them goosebumps with their amazing flames.

Since it’s been a while the community days have gone, catching a shiny charmander has become challenging than before. But, there are players who caught Charmander during the community days and are now ready to sell them.

How to get Shiny Charmander?

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The first thing to know about catching a shiny charmander is that, you must have one of them in your stock to evolve. And, the easiest way for it is to catch a shiny charmander and keep it in your lineup.

Now, you must be imagining different ways to find the Charmander and catching them. Let me inform you that, you can catch the Shiny Charmander just the way you find other Shiny Pokemon Go variants. It all depends on luck. Some players get the shiny charmander at the first shot while others struggle alot. They have to go through plenty of Pokemons to encounter one Shiny Charmander.

What if you don’t succeed in getting any Shiny Charmander even after trying the above method! Hey, no need to worry because the old and golden method is still alive. Simply go outside during clear sky days when the sun is shining to the fullest. You will definitely get the shiny charmander in such condition.

Final Words

It is not tough to find the Shiny Charmander in Pokemon Go. All you need is patience and skills. Besides all the methods, there is another option which you can try out for a new experience. You can hatch a charmander by gathering the eggs. However, it is a complicated process and works rarely. So, its better to choose the easiest method and also look around to find a shiny charmander fortunately.

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