Custom Equipment in Ancient Warfare 3? Let’s Find Out!

Hey gamers! Are you enjoying the current updates of Ancient Warfare 3? This article is for both the newbies and the old players. Let’s begin with an introduction about the game.

Custom Equipment in Ancient Warfare 3? Let’s Find Out! IMG 20220817 092542 300x161

So, Ancient Warfare 3 is the redeveloped sequel of the 2nd part. This version is out with some improvements and new additions in features and fixes. Ancient Warfare 3 is full of action, graphics and customization. You will find several game modes such as reach point, king of the hill, deathmatch and zombie survival. Besides this, you get an option to create your own custom battles. You also get the opportunity to pick select the environment modification, rules, objects, tools, and place units. Moreover, your fight can take place in the air, on the ocean or on the ground, whatever you wish like.

What is the Ancient Warfare 3’s Custom Equipment?

Custom Equipment in Ancient Warfare 3? Let’s Find Out! IMG 20220817 092529 300x175

Recently, Ancient Warfare 3 has released its update 0.38 patch notes. It includes the permission of creating your own custom equipment. You can create unique items according to your choice using this feature. Not only this, but the players can also personalize any part of the game. Some of these items are Melee weapons, sheild, helmets,ranged weapons, face equipment, backpacks, barrels lamps, grips and chest plates.

Things to know about the custom equipment feature

Custom Equipment in Ancient Warfare 3? Let’s Find Out! IMG 20220817 092553 300x186

You have to know certain things about the latest update before using it. So, the first thing is that the custom equipment gets used at point in the game. The items made out of it are applicable anywhere in Ancient Warfare 3. Secondly, you don’t have to download any extra file to use the feature. Everything is already given in the unit file. And the third and the last thing you need to know is about the custom equipment protection. So, the items get protected automatically. Only you, being the player can modify the items. No one else can customise the equipment.

Last Words

Apart from the custom equipment, v0.38 patch has brought other improvements in the game. Players who used to face glitches while playing can now try out the battles. Moreover, the tooltips are also adjusted. You will also get to see a warning icon alongwith the other menu buttons. So, checkout the latest update and share your experiences.

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