Amazing House Parties With 7 Best Karaoke Games

How do you guys spend your vacation time? Do you travel or stay at home and waste the golden days? Since you get extra time to have fun and release stress, don’t miss out the chance of utilising the break. In this article, you will know about one such fun activity that is throwing a party and using the karaoke machine to play super amazing karaoke games. Here is a list of best seven karaoke games that will make you holiday memorable.

Best 7 karaoke games

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A karaoke party is incomplete without karaoke games. These seven games will definately add some spice to your party and make it a happening one.

1. Karaoke charades

As the name suggests, this game is similar to the original charades game. You need to divide the guests in groups and decide the team whose player will sing first. After that, the player has to act the karaoke song and other team members have to guess the song’s name. According to the classic charades, the team reaching five points first wins.

2. Name the correct tune

The karaoke lovers consider this game the most favourite one. This game involves every player individually. Players need to guess the singer and name of the song after listening to song properly. The player with the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game.

3. Karaoke “Scavenger hunt”

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It is another fun karaoke game that drives every party member crazy. The game involves certain items related to karaoke machine that is the CD or mic. Players have to find the item within a time limit and complete the task. The team that finds all the given item wins the game.

4. Song Rewrite

Song Rewrite is especially for those who love singing and knows everything about it. Again, teams get made and a verse is given to each team. The team members need to rewrite the verse. Now, you can make it more fun by writing some silly lines that matches with song’s tune. It will creat a different aura in the party. After that, any one player have to act the song’s title and let others guess it.

5. Karaoke based quiz

Now, this karaoke game tests your basic knowledge and excellence. Being the host, you can create easy to moderate questions about karaoke songs, title and lyrics. This brings enthusiasm among players and also gives them information about different karaoke songs.

6. Do not forget the song lyrics

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It is another memory based karaoke game which requires your knowledge about various popular karaoke songs. Moreover, all the players are involved without any team formation. The game begins by one player singing a song and the next has to start from where the previous player has ended. Besides this, players can also pause the one singing according to their wish and ask others to continue the same song.

7. Karaoke roulette

If its your first karaoke party, don’t forget to play the karaoke roulette game. It is like a lottery that depends on luck. There is bowl I’m which the names of the teams members are written and kept. Each player has to pick up one name. The person whose name pops up has to sing a song.

Hosting a party is easy but making it memorable for everyone requires unique ideas. Therefore, these seven karaoke games are available for everyone to raise their excitement and enjoy the holiday and party without any stress.

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